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Hi, my name is James Speck and I started this site back in 2012 to blog about my attempt to build arches in my feet. As a physical therapist, I regularly help people to move and feel better.

Around the time I started this site, I was looking for ways to address some of my own nagging issues. Near the top of that list were my flat feet and horrible pronation.

Site Origins

Growing up I was always taking apart my toys, electronics, and anything else I could get my hands on just to find out how things worked.

I broke a lot of stuff.

But that curiosity to understand how things work has always stayed with me. The way my arches collapsed was affecting my workouts. I had tried using supportive shoes and orthotic insoles without seeing any benefit.

I was very concerned about the effects on my joints from having flat feet and wanted to make a change.

Before starting this, I believed flat feet were just something I was stuck with.

When barefoot running and minimalist shoes gained popularity, I started seeing and hearing stories from people about the benefits of going with less support.

This changed my perspective, as I began to see feet as something that could, and probably should be strengthened. The more research I did into the causes flat feet, the more hope I had that my flexible flat feet could be turned into normal arches.

I’ve always liked working with computers and had been interested in building a website for a while. And I enjoyed reading blogs by people who would post regular updates on their fitness endeavors. So my attempt to fix my flat feet with exercise seemed like a good topic for a blog.

A big challenge I faced in designing a program was that there was not much information available about treating flat feet with exercise.

I spent months looking at every research study I could find on flat feet and overpronation. I spent a lot of time studying the anatomy of the foot and thinking about what exercises might be beneficial.

I then began testing my ideas through trial and error.

From my research, and after seeing how my feet transformed after several months spent working on exercises to correct flat feet, I am now convinced that many cases of flat feet can improve with exercise. The goal of this site is to share my experience with you.

More About Me

I hold a dual bachelor’s and master’s degree in physical therapy and have been practicing in the field for over 20 years. I currently live and work in San Diego, California.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions feel free to connect with me either through Facebook, Twitter, or email.

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