Links: Becoming A Runner

linkslogo1Running can be one of the most effective forms of exercise, but for many the hardest part may be getting started. The perceived “hardness” of running is a large barrier to overcome for non-runners. In order to reap the benefits of any form of exercise you need to do it regularly, and that is much more likely to happen if you’re able to make your workout a positive experience. Competitor magazine offers some tips for beginners on learning to enjoy the activity of running

Along those same lines comes an article from The Body Mechanic site addressing some of the changes runners can make to their form to run injury free. Many of the injuries sustained by runners can be attributed to training errors, but gait mechanics also play a big factor. Sometimes small adjustments in running form can make a big difference in preventing painful injuries. 

Fitness Pain Free published an article summarizing the 12 Most Critical Lessons From 2012, summarizing some of the most important topics covered on the site over the past year. The list includes some great advice for athletes who want to stay healthy and ward of injuries, particularly anyone participating in Crossfit, olympic lifting, or other forms of strength training.  

Physio Answers is a site with helpful articles written by physical therapists answering questions on a wide range of health, fitness, and injury related topics. The creator of the site is one of my former instructors, Erson Religioso, who also happens to write the very popular therapy site The Manual Therapist. This past week the site featured one of my articles on the topic of whether or not it’s ok to exercise with a cold

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